Automate export of Webflow project to Github

Export Webflow project to Github repository on autopilot. Just hit publish in Webflow Dashboard and HTML, CSS, JS, and images will be exported to Github.

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Choose project

Choose webflow project to export

There is no need for manual export to .zip. Just paste your Webflow project URL (<project> and you are good to go.

Create Repo

Create repository on github

Connect an existing Github repository or automatically create a new one. Flowgator will fill it with Webflow project files.

publish project

Hit publish and let your project synchronize

Every time someone hits publish in Webflow Dashboard, all assets will automatically synchronize with the chosen Github repo.

“Ultimately, [Webflow] makes designers and developers speak a common language — and ship things a whole lot faster as a result.”

Barrett Johnson
Product marketing @webflow

See what has changed in code from last publish

Use GitHub to see what lines of code changed and when it has changed. Just look into the diff between commits.

Make custom apps easier with the latest version always on Github

Make HTML and CSS in Webflow and export it to write custom, sophisticated backend code.

Don’t waste time dealing with .zip download

You don’t have to download .zip every time you make a change in Webflow.

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